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First Tourism Fair of the Central Region of Nicaragua | Aug 13, 2010

Róger Solórzano

A cultural show and the exhibition of more than 150 artisans, entrepreneurs and farmers of the central region of Nicaragua, will be part of the Third Tourism Fair that The Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR) is organizing this year. Also, municipal authorities from the departments of Boaco and Chontales are joining efforts for the event, which will take place on August 14 and 15 in the city of Juigalpa.

The activities will take place at Palo Solo, a centric zone of Juigalpa, where the expositors and stages will be placed for the cultural presentations. The fair will be begin at 10:00 am on Saturday and will end on Sunday night with a popular party. Moreover, the archaeological museums and zoos will be open for attendees.

According to what organizers said during a press conference, more than 150 expositors from the departments of Boaco and Chontales, as well as the municipalities of El Rama and Nueva Guinea (RAAS) will participate. Hotels, restaurants, tour operators, tourist guides, natural reserves, artisans and farmers have confirmed their assistance.

Along with the national tourists, Nicaraguan and Central American media ( included) will attend the event.