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First turtle arrivals at La Flor | Jun 20, 2006

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Last Saturday, June 17th, the first Olive Ridley Turtles of this season have arrived at the La Flor beach to lay their eggs. This natural phenomenon takes place every year between July and January. At the peak months, thousands and thousands of turtles can arrive in one single day at this special beach. Preceding these large groups, smaller groups always come in at this time of the year. This season, the first group included 80 turtles, and according to the local countrymen this arrival is an indication of a good season. The eggs that were laid will hatch in around 50 days.

In September, other turtle species will also start to arrive, mostly Leatherback Turtles. The Cocibolca Foundation (the foundation managing the beach) has calculated approximate dates of turtle arrivals for this season. We have published these dates at the La Flor page, so be sure to check out this calendar to see when this intriguing phenomenon might take place.