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Festival "Poetas por Km²" in Managua | Sep 29, 2010

Róger Solórzano Canales

Managua will be, for the first time, the headquarters of the itinerant festival "Poetas por Km²", a Spanish initiative that involves Iberoamerican poets. The festival is celebrating its sixth edition this year and the program of activities - which starts on Wednesday, September 29th and ends on Saturday, October 2nd - includes poetry recitals, performances and workshops for children.

The Batahola Norte Cultural Center will be developing workshops for kids. During the two first days, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, the workshops called "Taller de golondrinas ilustradas" and "Taller de creación de Revista-Objeto 2010 Poetas por Km²" will be held. The first will be given by the graphic artist Javier de la Rosa and the second one by La Más Bella Editorial Project. Both expositors are Spanish.

The same establishment will also be the stage of the performance by the Spanish actor Pep Gómez, who will have a moppets show for kids at 5:00 pm on Friday, October 1st.

There will also be presentations during the night, divided in the following way:

Thursday 30th at Ruta Maya: the activity starts at 7:30 pm with the official presentation of the festival by one of the coordinators, the Spanish cultural promoter Fabio de la Flor. Then, at 8:00 pm, Linda Wong Valle (Nicaragua) and Josep Pedrals (Spain) will continue with a poetry recital.

Friday, October 1st in El Caramanchel at 8:00 pm: there will be a diverse poetry recital with the artists Javier Nadie (El Salvador), Emila Persola (Nicaragua) and the Spanish Eduard Escoffer and María Eloy García.

Saturday, October 2nd at Bar Fandango: also at 8:00 pm, there will be a recital and performances by the poets Hector Avellán (Nicaragua), Mayra Oyuela (Honduras), Peru Saizprez (Peru) and Ajo Mocropoetisa, Spanish artist.

Once the activities end in Nicaragua, the festival will be taken to the capitals of El Salvador, Honduras and Spain, where other events will be held with the artists mentioned above, and others. Further information about this initiative and its artists, go to This event has been brought to Managua thanks to the support of the Cultural Center of Spain in Nicaragua.