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Massive arrival of turtles at La Flor beach | Sep 30, 2010

Cinthia Membreño

A massive arrival of turtles began on Tuesday, September 28th, at La Flor beach, located 18 kilometers away from San Juan del Sur (Rivas). According to Mario Rodríguez, delegate of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA) of Rivas, it is hoped that this arrival continues until October 2nd with more than 100, 000 reptiles.

The delegate explained that, since there weren't massive arrivals neither in July or August, MARENA and La Flor Wildlife Refuge are expecting a higher quantity of turtles than the historical amount, which is 70, 000. Rodriguez also detailed that the first day (Tuesday), La Flor received more than 47, 000 of these marine reptiles, 25, 638 on the second day and today (Thursday), 15, 000. "The turtles will continue arriving on Friday and Saturday, but the quantity might be lower," he stated.

In addition, the delegate assured that a new monitoring system is being developed these days. "We are putting more than 7, 000 identifications on the turtles with the name 'La Flor, Nicaragua", he explained. The identifications are placed so that the investigators know where the turtles have been, and if they return to La Flor or not.

This one, and other massive arrivals, can be witnessed by national and foreigner tourists. In order to enter the wildlife refuge, visitors have to contribute with an entrance fee of C$100 for national adults and C$50 for their kids, as well as C$200 for foreigner adults and C$100 for their kids. Also, the area will be guarded by the National Police, the Nicaraguan Army, the Guardabarranco Environmental Movement, among other governmental representatives.