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Tipitapa is able to receive tourists | Oct 12, 2010

Cinthia Membreño

Tipitapa, municipality of the department of Managua, is currently able to receive national and international tourists, despite the frequent rains that hit the area during September and left several damages in rural zones, specially those near Lake Xolotlán and the Tipitapa River.

César Vásquez, mayor of the municipality, said that people who are traveling from Managua to the North and Central Region, as well as the Atlantic Coast are able to safely go through the Panamerican Highway. In addition, the tourism destinations of Tipitapa are working on a daily basis.

According to Amir Anvari, inhabitant of Tipitapa and owner of Restaurante Silva, national and foreigner tourists have stopped visiting the city because of what they have read on the newspapers. "People think we are under water, but the truth is the center of Tipitapa was never flooded," he stated.

In addition, Ernesto Marenco, inhabitant of the urban area of the city, said that the commercial area and tourist destinations are working every day. Marenco also explained that the neighborhoods that are flooded are those near the coastal areas of Lake Managua and the Tipitapa River.

Concerning the refugees, César Vásquez also informed that there are more than 300 relocated families, who have been taken care of by the National System for Prevention, Mitigation and Attention of Disasters (SINAPRED).