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Electronic concert in Managua | Oct 14, 2010

Cinthia Membreño

Electronic rhythms, the screening of images within a 380m2 structure, the participation of renowned German DJs and the mixes of national DJs will be part of the creative elements of today's concert, named "Bonanza Electrónica". The city of Managua will be the headquarters of the event, which will start at 8:00 pm and will cost C$100.

Ricardo González Mejía, director of MGA-LAB, Nicaraguan company that is producing the event, explained that they aim to show national and international attendees a series of cultural, natural and human resources that can be mixed to accomplish a cultural and existential growth.

Joanne Morrison, member of the German Cultural Initiative in Nicaragua (ICAN), stated that the concert is part of the artistic activity program that ICAN promotes annually. "This is the second time that we bring an electronic show to Nicaragua," she said.

Furthermore, Morrison declared that the German DJs - Fabian Stall (known as Zero Cash) and Maral Almassi - were first contacted by the Goethe Institute of Mexico, so they could be part of a tour around Central America and the Caribbean. The institute promotes this kind of events in Latin America and worked together with ICAN to organizer tonight's concert.

The show

Today, attendees will have four artists on one stage. In addition to the Germans, DJ Revuelta Sonora and Momotombo will represent Nicaragua. The genres that will be heard are techno, progressive-trance, electro latin-jazz, house and others, including an interesting mix of this rhythms with traditional Nicaraguan sounds.

"I hope we have a great event and that more people produce electronic music in Nicaragua," said Zero Cash. According to the artist, he has seen that Nicaraguans are welcoming people.

After tonight's concert, the international DJs will perform in Honduras, Panama and Mexico. For further information, go to our Events Calendar.