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Anniversary of the Revolution | Jul 14, 2006

Every year, on July 19, a number of events take place, celebrating the anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution that took place in 1979. During this historical revolution, various groups of the Nicaraguan population joined efforts to overthrow the cruel and corrupt dictatorship of the Somoza family and the National Guard that ruled the country over four decades.

Although some political parties have given this celebration a political image – rejected by a large group of the population – thousands of Nicaraguans still remember and celebrate the heroic event all over the country.

The celebration includes two main events. The cultural and political act at Plaza Juan Pablo in Managua and a second one organized by another political group at the Plaza of the indigenous neighborhood Monimbó in Masaya, with presentations of various national artists. Also, many other Nicaraguans living at other places celebrate this event with cultural presentations or festivities.