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RockNica Awards 2010 | Oct 25, 2010

Promotional image of the event.
Cinthia Membreño

Eleven Nicaraguan Rock bands will be awarded during the first edition of the RockNica Awards 2010. The event, which will also include a concert and special acknowledgments to renowned bands and artists, will take place at Ateneo Bar, located in the city of Managua, on Friday, October 29, starting at 6:00 pm.

Fernando Velarde, director of the event, explained that the RockNica Awards have their origin on the forums of, a website that officially represents the national rock movement. When it was created, the only requirement for the nominations was that the bands were still active. In addition, organizers tried to reach the majority of groups possible and maintain a balance between musical genres.

For this first edition, the winners were divided in eleven categories. Some of them are Q69K as Best Punk Band, Monroy & Surmenage and its album "Uff Master" as the Best Album of the Year, Milly Majuc as Best Live Band, Inanimate Like Corpse as the Best Extreme Metal Band, Carga Cerrada as Best Metal Band, among others.

Concerning the voting process, Velarde stated that it was made on line for a month. "We were only allowed one vote per user in each category," he informed. In addition to the awards, special acknowledgments will be given to bands like Necrosis, Guerreros Soles, Petit Ball Gris, Goropoflesh, Ramón Mejía, Alejandro Mejía, among other artists.

The entrance fee will be C$120. There will also be a concert by the bands Primate, Polaris, Camino Justo, Vortex, Contratiempo, Agüizotes, Nefilim, GYFH, Corpus Mors and Fekal Vomyt. For further information, go to our Events Calendar.