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First Tourism Fair of RAAN | Oct 25, 2010

Anasha Campbell during the press conference.
Róger Solórzano Canales

Over a hundred tourism expositors, various activities, cultural events and concerts will be part of the First Tourism Fair of the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN), which will be held in the central park of the city of Bilwi (also known as Puerto Cabezas) on Saturday, October 30th and on Sunday 31st.

"The fair aims to promote the tourist and cultural attractions of the area, so that Nicaraguans and foreigners discover more about them," said Anasha Campbell, responsible of the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute of the Caribbean. The functionary also stated that the fair will be part of the celebrations of the regional autonomy that was given to Nicaragua's Caribbean area.

One hundred and four stands are currently confirmed with expositors from different zones of RAAN, such as Bonanza, Siuna, Rosita, Waspám and Prinzapolka. There will be tourism entrepreneurs, organizers, artisans and local gastronomy expositors. There is a diverse cultural background in this area due to the afro, indigenous and mestizo influence. Because of this, tourists will have a colorful event.

Guillemo Espinoza, major of Bilwi, also informed that there will be a forum about "Tourism and Security" on Saturday morning. The activity will take place at the headquarters of the Regional Council of the city. Espinoza also stated that this is the first tourism fair of the Atlantic Coast.

The closing event will include a concert by the Caribbean singer Phillip Montalbán, who will be joined by Zabu, singer and DJ from the area that has made a career in Miami, United States. Other groups will participate as well with dances and rhythms of the North Caribbean.