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Exposition of Solentiname paintings | Jul 25, 2006

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Creative images from the Río San Juan department, produced by 22 painters from the Solentiname Archipelago, will be exhibited from July 28th until August 13th in the National Cultural Palace in Managua. The exposition is titled 'Arte Excelencia de Solentiname'.

The artists that have produced the paintings range from young painters to veterans that belong to the "Elvis Chavarría Union of Painters and Artisans of Solentiname". The art can be characterized as "Campesino Paintings", an art style that has developed from the Primitivism style, according to the painters.

The exposition will take place in the room called 'Sala Amigos del Museo y sus Colecciones' ('room for friends of the museum and their collections'), located within the Cultural Palace (Palacio Nacional de la Cultura). The event will be inaugurated on July 28th at 7PM, and the poet Ernesto Cardenal, a great impulse behind the art movement at Solentiname, is expected to be present. The public can enjoy the Solentiname art at no cost until August 13th, from 8AM until 2PM.