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International Tourist Agency recommends visiting Nicaragua in 2011 | Dec 1, 2010

A portion of the article published on AgentWest Travel's website.
Cinthia Membreño

Nicaragua was ranked as the third tourist destination to visit in 2011 - above Brazil, Egypt, Iceland, Argentina, India, Rwanda and Zimbabwe - by TravelAge West, an American publication that specializes in giving information about new travel tendencies to agencies from the western hemisphere.

The announcement was made through the article "Eleven Travel Trends for 2011", which was published on Tuesday, November 23, in this magazine (it has 40 years working in the tourism industry). This classification was the result of a poll made by Kensington Tours - a British tour agency that specializes in private luxurious trips around the world - to its experts from America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

According to the magazine, Nicaragua is the destination for travelers who enjoy a tropical weather and exotic surroundings, and "it may be the next best, if not more authentic, alternative to travel to Costa Rica." In addition, Brandi Merchant, expert for the Central American region, stated that "currently, Nicaragua is more like the Costa Rica of 20 years ago and 'Survivor: Nicaragua' is putting the country in the spotlight and driving a spike in enquires." Survivor Nicaragua is an American reality show that was filmed in the beaches of Tola (Rivas) in mid 2010.

According to the poll, the only two other options above Nicaragua are the exclusive safaris in South Africa and Botswana, which include rentals of luxurious villas and safari houses; and trips to less popular destinations throughout the European continent, that are not generally seen on pamphlets and travel guides.