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Malos Hábitos launches its album "Paisaje Cerebral" | Dec 2, 2010

J, Chepe and Dipso with the new album "Paisaje Cerebral".
Róger Solórzano Canales

Malos Hábitos, Nicaraguan rock band, officially announced the launch of its new album called "Paisaje Cerebral", which features 11 songs. The material will be presented to Nicaraguans during a concert that will be held today, December 3, at 7:00 pm in Managua.

The new songs are not far apart from the themes of their previous CDs "Búscame" (2005) and "Algo Elemental" (2008). Chepe, the lead singer of the band, stated that love, heartbreaks and relationships continue to be their inspiration. "We are inspired by women, their beautiful and mysterious side...they're enigmatic and that drives men crazy," he said.

The official announcement was made during a conference held yesterday in Managua. During it, the members of the band said that the official concert will take place today on the third floor of the Metrocentro shopping mall. They will be joined by Mario Sacasa and the bands Barrio Loco and Punto de Partida. The entrance fee will be C$50.

"Paisaje Cerebral" has 11 songs that were written by the members of the band, except for one that was composed by a friend. The album was recorded in Managua and then mixed in Argentina. That process, combined with the artistic design of the album's image, took almost a year, according to what the members of the bands explained.

The CD is currently available in all music shops of the country, and its price ranges between C$200 and US$16; it depends on the establishment where its bought. Furthermore, the songs will also be for sale online in websites like iTunes and Amazon.

Since its birth in 1997, Malos Hábitos has been progressing as a Pop/Rock band. It is one of the most known bands in the country and it's becoming internationally known as well. The song "Vacío el Espacio" was part of Ritmoson Latino's programming (international music channel). For further information about the band, go to