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First Fair of the Nicaraguan Album in Managua | Dec 2, 2010

Promotional image of the event.
Cinthia Membreño

About 20 national musicians will have, on Sunday, December 5, a space to promote their recording material during the First Fair of the Nicaraguan Album. The activity, which will begin at 10:00 am at the Loma de Tiscapa Park (Managua), will include various free concerts, a CDs and promotional materials sale, autograph signings, video screenings, and food and drinks sales.

Eliett Cabezas, events responsible for the Cultural Center of Spain in Nicaragua (CCEN), entity that organizes the activity along with Revuelta Sonora Productions, stated that the fair aims to be a platform so that national visitors and producers learn about new musical projects. "We want to promote the national discography, but mainly the new one," she said. Cabezas also explained that organizers want to promote musical quality and the projection of artists.

In this occasion, participants went through a selection process that was held after a national call. Among the bands and soloists that will be present, visitors will find Katia Cardenal, Mario Sacasa, Belén Cardenal, Malos Hábitos, Q69K, Monroy & Surmenage, Moisés Gadea, Gaby Baca, Elsa Basil, Clara Grün, Jaime Delgado, Momotombo, Mano de Vidrio, and others.

According to Cabezas, the national call was made at first only for young artists. However, because of the demands of the guild, organizers decided to reconsider the requirements so that people of all ages could participate. Some other rules didn't change. For example, the albums had to be recorded between 2008 and 2010 and properly registered in the Intellectual Property Registry of Nicaragua. Also, artists had to have at least 50 copies of their CDs to sell during the event.

Because of the requirements, this year's fair will generally have unpublished material or albums that have just been released in the Nicaraguan market. For instance, visitors will be able to buy CDs like "Uff Master!" by Monroy & Surmenage, "MGA_bit" by El Tercer Ojo restaurant, and "Paisaje Cerebral" by Malos Hábitos. "We must start to consume our own products, not only those from the United States, Argentina and Europe," declared Cabezas.

The First Fair of the Nicaraguan Album, an original idea by Revuelta Sonora Productions, will be held within the First Festival of Central American Music, event that started on November 21st and will end by December 17th with a Pop/Rock concert at MICROFER (Managua). For further information, go to our Events Calendar.