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Solidary Cultural Show in León | Jul 28, 2006

A select group from the artistic community in the city of León will present a diverse cultural show next week, Friday August 11th, as an act of solidarity with the national orator Carlos Rodríguez who is currently sick and unemployed, according to the musician Camilo Báez, member of the group.

Different artists will be present, including Wilfredo Galo (father and son), Juan Centeno and his group, Evenor Lorio and Silvio Linarte, Abraham Castellón and Camilo Báez, representing the musicians of León. The 'Company of New Ballet' (Ballet Nueva Compañía) and the Company of Yaxall Dance from the UNAN University in León will also participate. Singer Carlos Mejía Godoy is also expected to come.

The event will take place at 7 PM at the Municipal Theater 'José de la Cruz Mena', located two blocks south of the Park of the Poets. The price will be C$30, and all of the money collected will be donated to Carlos Rodríguez.