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Second International Street Arts Festival in Granada | Jan 12, 2011

Cinthia Membreño

Latin American, European and American artists will perform in different sites of the city of Granada to entertain - through dance, theater, music, among other disciplines - national and foreigner attendees, specially kids, during the second edition of the International Street Arts Festival. This year, the activities will start on Sunday, January 16th and will end on Saturday 22nd with an environmental carnival that will tour the main streets of the city.

Diego Gené, Director of the School of the Comedy and Mime, organizer of the event, explained that their main goals are focused on creating awareness about our environmental issues and develoving art that constantly proposes and creates. That's why more than 120 national and international artists from countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, the United States and other European nations will give educational workshops to children from different communities of the department of Granada. In addition, they will also give free concerts, shows and other entertainment activities.

Rafael Largaespada, member of the School of Comedy and Mime, said that one of the new elements of the festival will be the participation of a Gutemalan group that will paint graffities in different areas of Granada. "Also, this year's event will be focused on children. Last year, our target was youth," he stated. Furthermore, Largaespada claimed that one of the main accomplishments of the first edition was the promotion of the artstic participation of children from rural communities of Granada.

According to the program of activities, the inauguration of the festival will be held on January 16th with an official ritual at Casa de los Tres Mundos. On the following day, the Parque de los Poetas (Park of Poets) will be the headquarters of a muppet show and other activities for children. On Wednesday 19th, the event will be moved to Granada's waterfront, where a lot of balloons will be released at night. The following evening will be a Latin American gastronomy day and, on Friday 21st artists will make a homage to Salvador Cardenal (R.I.P). Finally, on Saturday 22nd, there will be a carnival on the main streets of Granada.

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