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Presentation of the book "Memorias del agua" | Feb 2, 2011

Cover of the book.
Cinthia Membreño

Tomorrow, February 3rd, at 6:30 pm, a combination of music, videos and poetry will be part of the official presentation of the book "Memorias del agua", which was written by the young poet Francisco Ruiz Udiel (R.I.P). The event will be held in the Nicaraguan Institute of Hispanic Culture (INCH), located in Managua, and will include the presence of renowned national characters like Sergio Ramirez and Claribel Alegría.

The presentation of the book will be made according to what Ruiz had in mind before dying. Ulises Juárez Polcanco, Nicaraguan writer and friend of the poet, explained that the singer Moisés Gadea will perform with five songs, including one named "Canción de despedida" (farewell song, in English), specially written by the artist for this occasion. In addition, a group of friends will read some of Ruiz's poetry, the VJ Israel Lewites will screen videos and Sergio Ramírez will read the prologue that he wrote for "Memorias del agua".

In the article "La palabra que se deja ir", written by Ramírez and published on January 8th in La Prensa newspaper, he refers to the event as follows: "If this man that I'm going to miss forever was always capable of making his plans come out as he wanted, then i will be equally responsible...You are cordially invited to this presentation on the day he chose, at the time he chose, at the place he chose."

In the same article Ramirez describes the poet as " image of my own youth. Adventure, but also responsibility. A rupture, but also rigor. Romans used to mark bad days with a black stone and good days with white ones. The day that I found Francisco is marked with a white stone."

In addition to the book that will be presented tomorrow, Ruiz also has other literary pieces. His first one was named "Alguien me va a llorar en un sueño", winner of the International Young Poetry Award 2005. Furthermore, he collaborated in the anthology "Retrato de poeta con joven errante". Francisco's poetry also appears in anthologies and magazines from Spain, Argentina, Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, among other countries.

People who want to attend the event will have free transportation, provided by INCH. The gathering point will be the ESSO gas station, in front of Metrocentro (Managua), at 5:30 pm. When the event ends, the bus will go back to the center of Managua, but the final destination will be the Cultural Bar El Caramanchel (Bolonia). The Nicaraguan Institute of Hispanic Culture is located in Las Colinas (First entrance, seven blocks East. House No. 42). For further information, call (505) 2276 0824.