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Poesía en Construcción in Granada | Feb 9, 2011

Cinthia Membreño

The poetry of the Nicaraguan writer Claribel Alegría will be homaged by a group of young artists who, on Sunday, February 13th, will be part of the seventh edition of Poesía en Construcción (in English "Poetry in Construction"), an interdisciplinary event that will combine photography, anime, theater and music. The location chosen for this activity, which entrance is for free, will be the Parque de los Leones, located next to the central park of the city of Granada.

According to information provided by Martin Mulligan (artistically known as Emila Persola), one of the event's creator), the idea of using the poetry of Claribel Alegria emerged from the desire of organizing a project with Milly Majuc, national Ska band. "Reading the poetry of Claribel, I started to see that her anecdotal poetry, simple yet profound, could create visual situations," he explained. That was when he saw the possibility of combining the band's music and the work of the poet.

Poetry in Construction will have the participation of five actresses, including five professionals, like Tania Santa Cruz, Ariana McGuire, Glenda Martínez, and others. In addition, attendees will observe the visual work of artists such as Consuelo Mora Benard, Naomi Pérez Belli, Roxana Moreno and Juan Carlos Mendoza. The music will be in charge of Ana Verónica Sánchez, Tamara Montenegro y Milly Majuc.

Furthermore, Mulligan declared that the organization of the show included an investigation on Claribel's poetry. "It has been interesting to find out about the importance of Ceiba trees in her poems," he said. "We've also investigated more about Sumpul's massacre back in 1890, which she talks about in her poem 'La mujer del Río Sumpul'," he stated.

On a previous article on, Mulligan explained that Poetry in Construction was created in 2008, so that poetry could have a greater call among young people. For the seventh edition, artists will use Alegría's poetry, adapted to anime, theater, photography and music, combined on one stage. It's also worth mentioning that the event is also part of the International Poetry Festival of Granada, which is also dedicated to Claribel Alegría.