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Opera Reggaeton Project chose its finalists | Apr 6, 2011

Twelve young participants from different departments of the country were qualified to participate in the musical project "Opera Reggaeton", which aims to promote new talents. The press release, given by the team, here. The team from the Opera Reggaeton held, on March 16th and 26th, a pre-selection and casting for its project. More than 40 young participants applied to participate.

The jury was constituted by the director Johannes Kranz (Austria), J Smooth, an American reggaeton singer, Fage MC, German rapper and also founder of the project, Silke Anger, German producer, Tina Noguera, TV and theater actress, and Waleska R. Cisne, Nicaraguan producer. The juries, J Smooth and Fage MC, gave the results online, since they are outside of the country.

Twenty five participants made the cut for the casting, and 17 came from different regions of Nicaragua. "It was a surprise for all of us. We surpassed our expectations. The participants were very talented. We are happy with the results," said Waleska Rocha Cisne, producer and journalist.

The participants who made the cut are shown as follows (alphabetical order):

1. Andres Adolfo Lorio Cuevas (Managua)

2. Efren Ilich Garcia Peralta (Managua)

3. Henry Javier Jimenez Torrez (Managua)

4. Javier Muñoz (Diriamba)

5. Jeannette del Carmen Sanchez (Diriamba)

6. Lesli Andres Fermin Garcia (Managua)

7. Manuel Vallecillo (Granada)

8. Milton Amergio Blanco Latino (Managua)

9. Newilo Enrique Mcdavis Sanders (Managua)

10. Ramon Ernesto Lopez (Palacagüina, Madriz)

11. Raul Alberto Picado Bonilla (Leon)

12. Roberto Carlos Galan Orozco (Masaya)

Workshops will start on May 2nd and will end by mid June. The pre-production process (arrangements, rehearsals, etc) will be the next step before the grand concert, which will be held in August at the Independence Square, in Granada.

All the workshops will be related to harmony, electronics, digital production, stage training, writing techniques, and promotion and marketing. These will be give by experts in the field and will last a week.

The main event will include the participation of Reggaeton singers, the Choir and Orchestra of Casa de los Tres Mundos, the Nicaragua Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and street dance groups.

Translated by Cinthia Membreño