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Maypole festivities in Bluefields

Cinthia Membreño | May 16, 2011

Since the beginning of May, Bluefields is celebrating the Maypole festivities. This year, besides the traditional crowning of the queen, the colorful parade, popular parties and the massive Tululu dance, the celebrations will have another event: a regional tourism fair that will promote the different destinations of the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS).

Eden Borge Gutiérrez, Public Relations responsible for Bluefields' mayorship, explained that the program of activities not only comprises entertainment but also an educational process about the Afrodescendant culture, which is mainly represented by the inhabitants of Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast. An example is that all the secondary schools of the municipality organized, on May 10th, 11th and 12, the first forum on the origin of the Maypole.

In addition to the program of activities, Bluefields will have a new architectural element by the end of the month: a pier that will be ready for the most important events, such as the parade on May 28th and the Tululu dance (May 31st). Borge also explained that the 'Parque de Reyes' (municipal park) is being renovated to preserve its historical importance. The monuments located in the area, such as the one dedicated to the first boy scout of Nicaragua, are being renovated as well. In addition, “We are rebuilding a well, located across the street, were the pirates used to kill those who reveled,” he added.

As for the regional tourism fair, it will be held at 'Parque de Reyes' on May 28th and 29th . The event will include the presence of expositors from the municipalities of the South Atlantic Autonomus Region (RAAS). They will be divided in 150 stands and will talk about tourism destinations, traditional food and drinks, and crafts from this Nicaraguan autonomous region. Moreover, attendees will enjoy cultural performances, such as traditional dances from miskito, garifuna and rama communities.

According to the program of activities, given by Borge, the major events will be held by the end of the month. On May 28, at 2:00 pm, a colorful parade featuring 16 groups from each neighborhood of Bluefields will tour the main streets of the city. Right after that, the election of the queen will take place at Parque de Reyes.

Finally, on May 31st – at 10:00 pm – the famous Tululu dance will begin at 'Barrio Punta Fría' (unlike last year) and will end at 'Barrio Old Bank' with a lively parade that will include Caribbean music, lots of dancing and color. “Last year, 3,800 were part of the Tutulu, we are expecting an equal number or higher this year,” Borge stated.

In addition to the Maypole celebrations and the tourism regional fair, this month's activities also celebrate the International Year of African Descendent (2011), which was declared by the National Assembly of the United Nations, on December 18, 2009. For further information about these events, go to our Events Calendar.