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Inauguration of the art exhibition "EX IT 2011"

Cinthia Membreño | Jun 9, 2011

The work that a group of 20 artists developed during their stay at the Academic Residency for Central American Artists (RAPACES 2010), will be shown today - at 7:00 pm - during the inauguration of the "EX IT 2011" exhibition. This free event will be held at the Cultural Center of Spain in Nicaragua (CCEN) and will include transportation (both ways) for its attendees.

According to a press release provided by the P.R agency Crea Comunicaciones, the Central American Itinerant Exposition (EX IT) is one of the result of RAPACES, an art program developed by the Space for Investigation and Artistic Reflection (Espira/La Espora), a national institution that seeks to promote the creative, critical and reflective thinking, in addition to the discussion and understanding of contemporary art. All of this to develop a sense of identity within the Central American region.

The themes of the expositions are varied. The pieces talk about genre roles, every day problems that take place at the Oriental Market (Managua), the metamorphosis of desire, political advertisement in Nicaraguan cities, the role of soap in our lives, personal explorations and a series of experiments that the participants organized for their interventions.

Both RAPACES and EX IT are held annually in the city of Managua. The first one as a cultural exchange academic program between emerging Central American artists, and the second one as an itinerant exhibition traveling withing the isthmus. Before visiting Nicargua, EX IT was exhibited in six Central American capitol cities. The exhibition will remain open at the CCEN until Friday, July 29. For further information, go to our Events Calendar.