- Explore Nicaragua online launches its new design

Equipo Editorial | Jun 16, 2011

Old version (left) and new version (right)

A new look, sections and more technological features on our modern design. Read more about it on this article. Check it out!

We are excited to introduce the new! Here, you will find all the content from the previous version, plus several new features and useful tools. This modern format preserves the practicality and speed that characterize us. On the following article, we will describe the new structure and features of our site. Our goal is always the same: to be the face of tourism in Nicaragua.

Each visitor will find a wide range of information about tourism in Nicaragua (both in English and Spanish): destinations, attractions, news articles, events, discounts, special themes, transportation and several guides offering the services of companies and initiatives of the country. In addition to a lot of articles and images, the current design now includes maps and tools to interact through social networks such as facebook, twitter and others.

Online Reservations Central

Any foreigner and national tourist with a credit card will now be able to book nights at a hotel, tours and airline tickets through The redesign of the website includes the launch of the first reservations central in all Central America. Our reservations system is easy to use and has high quality anti-fraud security measures.

Since this is a new project in Nicaragua, the reservations central will begin with a trial phase that will last three months. In this phase, we have included 19 hotels from different destinations of the country. Furthermore, there are three touroperators offering 34 circuits in several departments. Finally, we have a new tool to book tickets with many international airlines. After this trial, we will include all the companies that meet the requirements to offer online services.

Destinations: municipality classification

Nicaragua has a lot to offer within each place of its territory: natural and cultural destinations, many activities and multiple services. Hence, changed its Destinations Section and divided it by municipalities. Now, each of the 15 Nicaraguan departments, as well as its two autonomus regions, has a general tourist profile. Moreover, each of the 153 municipalities in which the departments and regions are divided – also has its own profile with images, geographic locations and a small description.

The work has just begun: with all the tourism offer in each municipality, being able to present a complete profile will be a task of constant updating. Nowadays, several profiles of the municipalities have abundant information, but others only display the basic references. However, we will be adding new attractions, companies and activities to those profiles.

Attractions and activities

Information about where to go, what to see and what to do in Nicaragua is now available on our Attractions and Activity Guide. We will add new options on each municipality so we can have a more complete guide. Each attraction and activity has its own profile, which includes a description, images, a comments section, instructions to get there and much more.

All the atractions are divided into categories. Here, you will find natural reserves, lagoons, museums, theaters, volcanoes, crafts workshops and more. The activities include birdwatching, scuba diving, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding and biking tours, among other things.

Travel Guide

The useful travel guide is always available on You will be able to see options, compare and choose among the services of any of the companies listed on our website. Information about where to go, eat, dance and learn a new language in Nicaragua is part of our content.

  • Hotel Guide: from backpackers hostels to luxurious hotels.
  • Restaurante Guide: popular eateries and specialized restaurants.
  • Nightlife Guide: bars, clubs, pool rooms and more options to enjoy the night, meet your friends and get to know people.
  • Touroperators: travel specialists have their profile and tourism packages. Take a look at their activities for each region of the country.
  • Language schools: if you are interested in learning Spanish, French, German or Italian in Nicaragua, take a look at our site.

Discounts, news and more!

As an information website, is an expanding universe. We will continue to increase the data of our current sections and soon you will be able to have interesting new features. A recommendation: get discounts per season by visiting our discount section!

Stay updated about the tourism field through our news section, and get the latest information about concerts, festivals, exhibitions, theater plays and more on our Events Calendar. Finally, we invite you to visit our facebook page and twitter account, as well as ViaNica, in order to know what is happening in Nicaragua.