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ViaNica announces its online reservations central

Equipo Editorial (ViaNica Team) | Jun 30, 2011

ViaNica members and guests of honor during the conference.

We have formally launched this new system, which allows tourists to make electronic payments for their reservations.

Any tourist traveling to Nicaragua can now pay for hotel reservations and tours online. Visitors only need three requirements: internet connection, a valid credit card and the desire to come and get to know about our several destinations and attractions. This is possible thanks to a global tool that the Nicaraguan website has recently launched. All the companies listed on the site can participate in this project.

The tourism dynamic has woken up in Nicaragua and is constantly growing. There are more national tourists traveling withing the country, more foreigners visiting the nation and more initiatives expanding. Despite the delay on this field, in comparison to our Central American neighbors such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and El Salvador, our country has become a pioneer by being the first to have a national tourist reservations central, which is available for several tourism offers.

Project released during a press conference

The reservations central was officialy announced today, June 30, during a press conference held in Managua. Its honorable guests were the Executive President of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR), Mario Salinas, CANATUR's president, Lucy Valenti, and the vice-manager of BAC Credomatic Affiliations.

All three guests congratulated the project. Lucy Valenti refered to it as a good news to the Nicaraguan tourism businessmen, as well as a mechanism that will improve the capacity to actually promote the nation. Mario Salinas explained the importance of having a small, national company offering technological tools that help to promote a more competitive country, in addition to a space to advertise tourism innitiatives and, of course, attract visitors. Marcela Cuadra stated that the system has the support and security filters of the bank which is working with.

Tourists from all over the world discover Nicaragua started in early 2005 as an entrepreneurial project that was looking to fill the information gap regarding tourism in Nicaragua. Due to the many natural, cultural and other kinds of attractions, the website rapidly continued to expand, featuring more content and sections. Nowadays, ViaNica has over 5 thousand internal pages both in English and Spanish, displaying information and images. Its daily visitors average is 4,500 (about 135,000 per month). Online readers come from all over the world, specially from the United States, Nicaragua, Central America and Europe, as well as Asia, Africa and other regions.

Two weeks ago, ViaNica launched its new design, which included the reservations central. The modern design uses new tools, but continues to highlight the different Nicaraguan regions, attractions and businesses (offering options to stay, eat and undertake activities) as its main priority. The content comprises all the regions of the nation, but much remains to be covered. Hence, the information continues to grow.

Bussiness connections within a competitive world

The reservations central is being developed as a pilot phase. Despite the fact that online reservations are not a new subject worldwide, the region had not completely worked with this tool. There are many companies offering reservations and online payments in Central America, and international reservation centrals working with national companies. However, a space for a national system, offering the possibility to discover destinations and allowing visitors to pay with credit cards, did not existed. The system is simple, safe and supported by the regional operator of electronic transactions BAC Credomatic.

After the three months pilot, the reservations central will be open to all the companies offering tourism services in Nicaragua. Our goal is to include both small, familiar companies and transnationals, so they can achieve successful connections with foreigner and national tourists interested in being their clients. Thus, Nicaragua has made a considerable leap within the competitive world of international tourism, which manages large amounts of money around the globe. In the past two weeks, ViaNica has managed reservations from the United States, Spain and Canada.