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Hurricane Beta hits Nicaragua | Oct 30, 2005

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On Sunday, October 30th, hurricane Beta hit Nicaragua's mainland early in the morning as a Category 2 hurricane. Heavy rainfall and strong winds forced thousands to seek refuge in the northern area of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast.

After a couple hours the hurricane was downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane. Autohorities as well as the Nicaraguan people, however, are still fearfully awaiting the developments. In certain northern regions the government has issued a red alert. Other areas that might soon be affected were given the yellow alert status, and all other regions in the country are at a green alert.

The hurricane's projected path has been continuously changing, making it harder to prepare for the impact. At this moment, the hurricane is expected to travel over Nicaragua from east to west, affecting regions like Boaco, Matagalpa, and León. Another possible scenario is that it will cross Lake Nicaragua and hit Rivas and other neighboring departments.

So far, one boat is missing and the ten passengers are feared to have died when trying to escape the storm. Many thousands of people have been evacuated so far, although evacuation of certain areas was complicated due to fuel scarcity.

Now that the hurricane has made landfall, it is hoped that it will weaken as it makes its way over Nicaragua. In any way, heavy rain will follow the hurricane's path which is likely to cause damage to homes, roads, and crops. Because the impact of the hurricane is hard to predict but possibly severe throughout Nicaragua, the government has nationwide canceled schools for Monday.