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Traditional festivities in Managua

Cinthia Membreño | Aug 4, 2011

The celebrations will last 10 days. There will be solemn masses, music, dance and processions around neighborhoods.

The multitudinous procession that is annually held in honor of Saint Dominic, patron saint of Managua, began its traditional tour around the city on Monday, August 1, joined by an equestrian parade. These religious festivities will continue for ten days, during which visitors will observe a mix between religious fervor and popular parties.

According to the national media, the "bajada del santo" - which is how Managuans call the journey that the saint makes every August 1 from the Las Sierritas church (residential area located in the Southern zone of the city) to the Santo Domingo church (situated near the old center of Managua) - included the presence of the National Police and the Nicaraguan Red Cross. In addition, national local newspapers reported the attendance of Don King, American renowned boxing promoter, as well as several ambassadors that live in Nicaragua.

Despite the fact that August 1st and 10th are the most important dates, there will be other activities in some neighborhoods of the city between those dates. For example, on August 4th (today), the image of the saint will tour the areas surrounding the Santo Domingo church and the Oriental Market, where merchandisers and clients usually dance along with the saint. Five days later, "Minguito" (this is how devotees call Saint Dominic), will visit the saint at his temporary residence, all within a festive ambiance.

Next Wednesday, August 10, at 6:00 am, devotees will be part of a solemn mass. After this, the "subida del santo" (the same journey held on August 1st, but on the way back) will take the saint to its permanence residence, where he will remain until next year. Once this process is completed, the religious festivities of Managua will formally end.

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