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Concerts of classical Nicaraguan music | Aug 16, 2006

The National Music School celebrates, for the second year in a row, the 'Week of Luís Abraham Delgadillo', honoring the Nicaraguan composer. During five days of this week - from August 21 to August 25 - there will be a series of concerts, including classical music and Nicaraguan academic music. There will be presentations of the work of Luís Abraham Delgadillo, but also from other national composers.

The concerts, free to the public, will end at 2 PM at the Rooms of the Arcs in the Cultural Center in Managua (Centro Cultural Managua), located in the former Gran Hotel, in front of the National Cultural Palace. The event will include pieces from Delgadillo, José de la Cruz Mena, Alejandro Vega Matus, Los Ramírez, and others.

Luís Abraham Delgadillo, who has a music school named after him, was born in Managua on August 26, 1887, and he got famous for his classical and academic music. This music is currently not very popular and rarely played in Nicaragua, according to the National Culture Institute, organizer of this event.

Below follows the program of the concerts day by day:

Monday, August 21: Young Nicaragua Symphonic Orchestra

Tuesday, August 22: Recital of students from the National Music School 'Luís Abraham Delgadillo'.

Wednesday, August 23: Amadeus Group

Thursday, August 24: Quitento Group

Friday, August 25: National Orchestra