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INTUR-Ticabus Alliance will promote Nicaragua

Róger Solórzano | Aug 23, 2011

A sample of the banners that will be located in the bus terminals.

The alliance will promote Nicaragua as a tourist destination in each of the regional terminals of Ticabus.

Several Nicaraguan tourist destinations will be promoted on videos, posters and recommnedations to users of the regional transportation company Ticabus, thanks to an alliance that was recently signed between this enterprise and the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR). The announcement was made during a press conference given yesterday, August 22, in Managua.

As explained by Eric Fuentes, general coordinator at Ticabus, the alliance aims to bring more visitors to Nicaragua out of the hundreds of local and foreigner travelers who use their buses in order to move throughout the region (Panama and Tapachula, Mexico). Fuentes stated that the company understands the value that Nicaragua has gained as an interesing and safe destination. A growth in ticket sales is expected with this alliance.

The promotional material will be diverse:

- Screening of videos in each of the 96 buses operating with the company.

- A variety of banners located in each bus terminal.

- Brochures will be given to users.

- Information about Nicaragua will be provided by the staff of the company.

Julio Videa, INTUR's marketing director, informed that the promotional material was made by this governmet institution. Also, he stated that representatives of INTUR will visit the terminals located in Central America and Tapachula in order train their staff on how to provide information about Nicaragua.

“This is the first alliance of its kind established between Ticabus and a national tourist institution,” said Eric Fuentes. According to Videa, it is also the first one between INTUR and a regional transportation company. Although he explained that promotional material has been previously displayed in the United States and airline companies such as TACA and Delta Airlines.

Ticabus, a Costa Rican enterprise, owns terminals in the capital cities of Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and the Mexican city of Tapachula. In Nicaragua, the company has terminals in Managua and Granada, and stopovers in cities like Chinandega, Leon, Esteli, Sebaco, Rivas and Masaya. The alliance, as said by both parts, has no end time.

Translated by Cinthia Membreño