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Google Doodle featuring Nicaraguan Independence and

Paul Hoekman | Sep 15, 2011

Google Homepage for Nicaraguan visitors on September 15, 2011

Nicaraguan users are presented with a unique 'Google Doodle' today: a Motmot image together with a banner representing the Nicaraguan flag. This was done by Google to honor Nicaraguan Independence Day.

Google Doodles are images that take the place of the regular Google Logo on the homepage of the world's largest search engine. These alternative logos are used to give attention to a specific event or cause. For instance, the first Google Doodle that went live in 1998 was used to promote 'Burning Man', an annual festival held in Nevada (United States).

In addition to featuring events, Google has also featured people (e.g. Vincent van Gogh and Graham Bell), specific celebration days (e.g. Earth Day and Chinese New Year), and doodles made by visitors during Doodle4Google events, among others. The Google Doodles are often region-specific, and related to an event or person that is relevant to this particular region.

Nicaragua was featured only once before, in 2008, when all of Central America's Independence Day celebrations received special attention. This year, Google has again set up a unique doodle for Nicaragua, to focus on this year's Independence Day Celebrations. This image will most likely be shown throughout today, September 15, for all visitors that open Google from Nicaragua.

Additionally, is proud to report that the link that is opened when clicking on the Google Doodle provides search results for Nicaraguan Independence, featuring on the first place the 'Nicaraguan Independence' Special that we have published at! Due to this link, is receiving high traffic and we can report already over 1,000 visitors before 9 AM. This appears to be not only an historical day for Nicaragua, but it might also become a day to remember for

We hope everybody enjoys this day, and invite all visitors to learn more about Nicaraguan independence.