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Pacific Region affected by persistent rain

Cinthia Membreño | Oct 11, 2011

A rainy and cloudy day at 8:30 am. A street of Managua.

Rainfall is forecast to continue for the upcoming 24 hours. The firs damages were already reported.

The continuous rain that has affected the Pacific region of Nicaragua since last night will continue to do so, at least for another 24 hours, according to what the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER) reported today, October 11.

Salvadora Martinez, Director of the Synoptic Meteorology and Aeronautics Department of the institution, explained that a low pressure system - located Northwest of the country - has caused the rains that are currently affecting the national territory that lies between the Gulf of Fonseca and the department of Rivas.

In addition, the director explained that this phenomenon can also cause rainfall in central Nicaragua. "The territory that borders the departments of Leon and Chinandega may receive rainfall due to this low pressure system," she said.

According to Martinez, the institution encourages inhabitants of the Pacific Region to avoid places surrounded by water canals, as well as those who inhabit houses built near cliffs, since the rain may cause landslides in the long term.

"It is most likely that rain will continue until tomorrow. Up to this point, we have received reports of strong winds and reduced visibility in the area of Corinto (Chinandega)", said Martínez.

Meanwhile, national media informed that Civil Defense reported the first damages. One example is that the road connecting the municipality of El Crucero and San Rafael del Sur (Managua department) is blocked. Furthermore, some rivers of the municipality of El Viejo are overflowed.

Both INETER and Civil Defense will continue to notify on damages and changes in the weather. For further information on the weather forecast for the department of Managua, see the following link.