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Second Latin Music Festival | Sep 4, 2006

The second Latin Music Festival will take place in Managua this Friday, September 8. Participating musicians include Julieta Venegas (from Mexico) and the groups Miranda (Argentina), La Quinta Estación (Spain), and Elefante (Mexico). The event, which is supposed to start at 8 PM, will be opened by the Nicaraguan reggae singer Phillip Montalbán.

This international musical event, programmed to take place every year in Managua, will take place on the terrain next to the Pellas building at km 4.2 of the Masaya highway. Tickets cost C$350 (VIP) and C$150 (regular), and are available at Start Mart Texaco gas stations and at the Banpro branch in Metrocentro, Carretera Norte, and Edificio Delta.