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Artisans get financial support to attend an international fair

Cinthia Membreño | Nov 21, 2011

Promotional image of the fair.

The artisans will travel to Milano (Italy), in order to participate in an international fair.

More than 3 thousand Nicaraguan handicrafts will be exhibited at the Craft Fair of Milan (Italy), an annual event that brings together participants from over 100 countries worldwide. Three artisans will travel to this city, along with representatives of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR) and diplomats from the Taiwanese Embassy in Nicaragua, in order to attend the event which will be held from December 3rd to 11th.

"The pieces that will be exhibited are made of wood, clay, fabric, fiber, pine, marble, among other materials," said Mario Salinas, President of INTUR, during a press conference given in Managua. Oscar Casco (San Juan de Limay), Pedro Guerrero (San Juan de Oriente) and Silvia Torres - President of Grupo Raíces (Association of Artisans) - were chosen to attend the fair.

According to Salinas, this is the second time that Nicaragua participates in the " L'Artigiano in Fiera" (Craft Fair). "This is a leap in terms of projection of our national art," said Salinas. Also, Ingrid Sing - Ambassador of Taiwan in Nicaragua - explained that the monetary support that his country is providing is also part of the "One Village, One Product" (OTOP) project, which works for the development of handicraft production and tourism of different national locations.

During the conference, the ambassador gave a 30 thousand dollar check to the president of INTUR. According to Salinas, this support represents 50% of the total amount to will be used to cover the costs of transportation, lodging, meals, rental of stands, participation fee and other expenses, which are required to participate in the fair.

"We believe that tourism is a key element for the development of any country. Nicaragua's participation in this fair is the perfect opportunity to open new markets," said Sing. Grupo Raíces' president stated that, as a result of the first participation in this fair, they received a commercial order of crafts that will be sold at an Italian store.