- Explore Nicaragua online launches its Video Collection

Equipo Editorial | Dec 6, 2011

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A variety of videos that show the Nicaraguan daily life were compiled in the new Video Collection of

A vast collection of 427 videos related to Nicaragua will be available for our readers starting today, December 6, on ViaNica's new Video Collection, which is part of our More Features Section.

The collection shows a wide range of national and international productions related to music, nature, culture, sports, history, people, food, news, tourism, among many other areas that are part of the Nicaraguan daily life.

Our goal is to promote all the material - whether professional or amateur - which has been published on video platforms and features an "embeded" option, so it can be shown in any other website. In addition to productions of others, the collection also includes videos made by the team.

For now, the majority of the material is available in English and Spanish. Those who are in other languages include subtitles ​which correspond to the languages ​​mentioned above or formats understandable to all readers.'s new collection also offers the possibility to leave a comment on each of the videos. In case visitors have questions regarding the topics of the videos, we recommend them to contact the authors directly. does not take responsibility for the issues shown on the videos.

Finally, we invite our readers to share the links to other videos that are not yet part of our collection. This can be done on through our Feedback Section . The goal is that our collection grows and expands with other productions regarding Nicaragua. It is worth mentioning that our team will not include videos related to topics such as politics, gambling and casinos.

Translated by Cinthia Membreño.