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Berrinche Ambiental in Granada

Cinthia Membreño | Jan 12, 2012

A class given during art workshops. | Photographer: Róger Solórzano Canales

An environmental and artistic festival dedicated to children is taking place in Granada.

Since January 9, over 200 Nicaraguan and foreign artists have been providing a series of workshops and artistic performances as part of the Third Berrinche Ambiental International Festival. The event, which takes place every year in the colonial city of Granada, includes street art shows in several sites of the city so that kids can be part of them.

Today, January 12, is the fourth day of the festival. In addition to workshops and entertainment activities, there will also be an inauguration of a cultural space called "Mimo Comedia Café". Starting at 7:00 pm, the establishment will have circus performances and it will also be the first management day for students of the School of Comedy and Mime (Escuela de Comedia y El Mimo), which is the organizer of the event.

Lester Jirón, Vice-president of the Association of the School of Comedy and Mime, explained that the festival is one of the many projects that the institution has been developing over the past ten years in Granada. "The school is currently working with 65 kids from five communities of the municipality. Besides the theater and handicrafts classes, we also provide school reinforcement and nourishment," said Jirón, who is also part of the first group of students that attended this art school.

Berrinche Ambiental's first edition was held in January 2010. Since then, the event has enabled children and adults to get environmental messages through different disciplines of street art. "Our goal is to fill the street with lots of shows and to educate poor people," stated Diego Gené, Director of the School of Comedy and Mime.

Both Jirón and Gené stated that the first edition of the festival was quite experimental and aimed to strengthen bonds between artists. The second edition was more organized and, although organizers did not establish rules to participate, this year's event required to put up shows before coming to Granada. "We ask for youth. Not only the physical one but also in spirit," said Gené.

It is worth mentioning that there will be more activities for this weekend. Tomorrow, January 13, artists will continue to give workshops in different communities. There will also be entertainment activities at La Polvora Fortress and performances by Costa Rican groups in Casa de los 3 Mundos. On January 14, there will be a major parade leaving from Real Xalteva Street at 4:30 pm. At 6:00 pm, the closing event of the festival will be held at Casa de los 3 Mundos.

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