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Destinos con Sabor launched in Carazo

Cinthia Membreño | Jan 25, 2012

Launching event. Photo courtesy of INTUR. | Photographer: José David Barrera

Ten restaurants from this department qualified to get technical advice and loans for infrastructural improvements.

The fourth launch of "Destinos con Sabor", the funding and counseling program designed for Nicaraguan restaurants, was held on Monday, January 23rd, in the department of Carazo. Ten restaurants - which represent the municipalities of San Marcos, Jinotepe and Diriamba - where chosen to get loans that will help them improve the quality of their services and infrastructure.

Julio Videa, Marketing Director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR), governmental entity that promotes the project, explained that 17 restaurants applied to be part of the program. Only 10 of them made the cut and, so far, have gotten a corporate image manual. As a second step, INTUR will provide training regarding customer attention and, later on, they will also apply for a loan given by the cooperative Alba - Caruna.

Videa also stated that "Destinos con Sabor" gives certificates to all the restaurants, which makes them part of the Flavor Route, a national tourism circuit of excellence promoted by INTUR. In addition, restaurateurs can also apply for a Mexican program called "Moderniza" in order to get an international certificate that meet global standards.

Progress so far

On August 2010, INTUR held the first launch of "Destinos con Sabor" in the department of Masaya. Eight restaurants were chosen on that first phase and INTUR continued to organize more calls and launching events in the cities of Granada and Leon.

Jorge Talavera, owner of Mi Viejo Ranchito restaurant (Ticuantepe), explained that they are currently working on applying for the Alba - Caruna's loan. As for training, he suggested that the institution should make more efforts on this subject. "Perhaps they can give even more seminars to chefs and their assistants, reinforcing the technical part of the project," he said.

Videa, on the other hand, claimed that the response of all participants has been quite positive. "People have even asked us to anticipate calls in some departments," he stated. For now, restaurants from the department of Chinandega are welcome to apply to the program.

At this point, 36 restaurants have been chosen to be part of "Destinos con Sabor" and its benefits. INTUR expects that at least 60% of all the national restaurants registered with the institution can participate on it by registering themselves at the delegations that INTUR has in every department.

An example of the national promotion of the department of Masaya can be found by visiting this page.