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International Monologue Festival | Sep 22, 2006

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The twelfth edition of the International Monologue Festival will start
Saturday September 23 in Managua. Until September 23 there will be presentations and events in the Justo Rufino Garay Theater, presented by seven national and three international groups.

The presentations will take place every night of the festival at 7 PM. Tickets cost C$80 and there will also be free concerts in the cafeteria of the theater during four of the nights (starting at 9 PM). The groups that will present these nights are Clara Grün (Sep. 23), Vivian López and Luís Pérez (Sep. 24), Perrozompopo (Sep. 26) and Luís Pastor (Sep. 29).

The national participants of the festival include several theater groups: Teatro Danza Desequilibrio, Teatro ‘Nuestra Cara’ (Matagalpa), Teatro ‘Al Margen’ (Managua), Teatro Informal (Matagalpa), Teatro ‘Cha’ (Managua), Teatro ‘Quigüina’ (Agraria University) and Teatro ‘Quetzalcóatl’ (Matagalpa). The foreign groups are: Teatro ‘Mexicali A Secas’ (Mexico), the group ‘Mujeres en Ritual’ (Mexico and the U.S.) and the group of contemporary dancers ‘Danzabra’ (Honduras).

In addition to the presentations there will also be free interpretations at several sites throughout the capital city on Sunday Sep. 24 (in Parque Las Palmas), Wednesday Sep. 27 (at the UCA university) and on Thursday Sep. 28 (Centro Cultural de Batahola).

This year the festival, organized by the Justo Rufino theater, is dedicated to the actor and director Ernesto Soto Larios and for his outstanding artistic support. This guest of honor will participate as director with the piece 'El Barbero', which will be presented Wednesday Sep. 27.

The Justo Rufino Garay Theater is located in front of Parque Las Palmas, situated three blocks west and 30 meters north of the Montoya traffic lights. To learn more about the presentations of the festival check out our Events Calendar during this period.