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Nindirí offers two new tourist attractions

Cinthia Membreño | Feb 16, 2012

Craft sellers in the Handycraft Market. Photo by Nindiri mayoralty. | Photographer:

Nindiri now has a new handicrafts market and a stair path that leads to a viewpoint in the Masaya Lagoon.

Starting this month, the city of Nindirí, located in the department of Masaya, offers two new tourist attractions: one new stair path that leads to a viewpoint of the Masaya Lagoon, named "Bajadero de Guadalupe" and handicrafts market where inhabitants of the area sell their products.

According to Verónica Salazar, Nindiri's city hall reporter, the inauguration of the "Bajadero de Guadalupe" will be held next Friday, February 24, at 9:00 am. The event will feature the presence of municipal authorities and other governmental representatives, such as Luis Morales, President of the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture (INC), the municipal delegate of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INC), and others.

Located South of the city of Nindirí and 250 meters from the Km 26 of the Managua - Masaya highway, the path and viewpoint will be open on a daily basis. According to Salazar, the municipal government invested C$266,500 in this project. "The construction started in May 2010 and ended in August of the same year," she said.

The handicrafts market, on the other hand, which is located in El Calvario street, was inaugurated on February 1. Salazar stated that representatives of the Austrian government, as well as other national authorities attended the event. As for the funds, the municipality invested C$7,000,000, five million came from the city hall and US$120,000 from the Austrian cooperation.

As for the products that are sold in the market, Salazar explained that the artisans sell a great variety of leather products, in addition to handicrafts, jewelry and traditional clothes. "The market also has food, cocktails and ice cream stands," she said.

The handicrafts market of Nindirí comprises 14 stands. All the occupiers were called by the municipal government and pay a monthly rent that ranges between US$50 to US$100, depending on the rented space. According to the journalist, it is hoped that the number of visitors increases in the upcoming months, specially due to the sporadic events such as a popular party that was held three weeks ago.