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"Destinos con Sabor" begins in Chinandega

Faustino Salcedo | Feb 28, 2012

Restaurants owners recives certificat from Chinandega mayor and INTUR's marketing director. | Photographer: Faustino Salcedo

44 restaurants of Chinandega received certificates for access to the program.

"We start with flavor in Chinandega and it's municipalities", with this quote pronounced yesterday by the chinandegan mayor Enrique Sarabia, began the conference and launching in this deparment of the program "Destinations with flavor", financed by the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR). Moreover, the mayors of Somotillo and Chichigalpa attended at the conference, as well as some restaurants owners.

The act was leaded by Julio Videa, INTUR'S marketing director. Mr. Videa mentioned that the program counts with a group of experts that will give management and design consultancy to II forks restaurants. In this team stands out the international chef Nelson Porta, who will be the person in charge of verify the menu, hygiene and the quality of each restaurant.

Florencio Gonzáles, owner of the restaurant "El Español", at Paso Caballos, is one of the project beneficiaries. He explained that this program brings improvement for his business because he is always working on variety. Mr. Gonzáles said that "The diversity of dishes and the escape from routine attracts the client". The first stage of the program has six moths duration, in which the owners must make all the necessary changes for the consultancy commission.

On the other hand, Mr. Videa explains that the Nicaraguan business men should be more demanding with service, cleaning, quality and in all the factors that contribute an excellent restaurant management for attract more tourists. Approximately, a 52% of the travelers visits the country by someone else recommendation, said Videa.

Chinandega is known for it's sealine, that is why the dishes are mainly based on seafood. The major Enrique Sarabia quoted: "Chinandega is known for it's beaches and this program is the key for improve the tourism in the department".

The conference took place at the restaurant "Los Vitrales" in the Hotel Los Volcanes, located at the Chinandega entrance. It's owner, Juanavé Cabrera, stated that being benefited by the program is an achievement and mentioned her disposition to proceed with the changes in the brand manual.

Julio Videa made the handing over of the certificates and asked for review the program updates. The program "Destinos con Sabor" (Destinations with flavor) will take place also in Rivas and Matagalpa on March and April. Now all depends on the restaurant owners, who will have the commitment for improve their business and give a first class service to the tourists.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili