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Chronicle: Parachutists land in Montelimar

Faustino Salcedo | Mar 5, 2012

A group of skydivers land at the Montelimar beach resort airstrip | Photographer: Faustino Salcedo

A story about the second date of "Skydiving" in one of the Pacific beaches of Nicaragua.

When you put yourself in a chin-up position to look the sky, usually you tend to imagine seeing some bird, plains or helicopters, and if you have any luck, the clouds will give to anyone an amazing show. However, no one will figure a lot of skydivers making incredible stunts in the air while they are falling at 121 miles per hour (195 km/h). Surely you might think that i am talking about a movie, a certain dream or probably one particular event that you are waiting for so long time to happen in Nicaragua.

Well, the time has come. Saturday was the second day for the team Tsunami to Sky dive at Barceló Playa Montelimar Hotel. On March 2 they arrived to Nicaragua and began their aerial tour at San Carlos, Río San Juan. On March 3, the president of the Nicaraguan Tourism Board (INTUR), Mario Salinas together with INTUR's Marketing Director, Julio Videa gave a warm welcome to the parachutists group, among with a fulfilling presentation, in which Rich Grim, Tsunami's team leader, made part of.

The idea of bringing a "Skydiving" group to Nicaragua born in 2010, said Salinas, who began making contact with Rich Grim. Later, on 2011, the team came to jump into the void in San Carlos during the aquatic carnival. At this moment, Rio San Juan's beauty took control of the visitors, as well as the lovely oasis involves the thirsty travelers in the desert. Now, the ones that were prepared to be taken by the extreme tourists are the Nicaraguan Pacific Beaches. The trees that formed one kind of green cave at the entrance of Montelimar beach, seemed to whisper to themselves and to the tourists: "The next thing you will see won't be nothing common".

The first jump was made at 11:00 o'clock of the morning. The main purpose was landing in the sand. The journalists awaited, the wind blowed really strong, looking for it's important role. The small plane piloted by Rob, who is also member of the Tsunami's team, went up to 3,000 meters. The sun had it's eyes stood at the flying object and in the twinkling of an eye the sky was full of figures as happy faces made by three skydivers.

This first jump was only practice. One of the parachutists had a hard landing: he landed in the sand and he took three spins. Since he was free in the sky making all the dangerous moves we all thought that he was going to have a complicated landing. Fortunately, the jumper didn't suffer further damage. Jennifer, partner of the courageous parachutist and also skydiver said that these incidents were normal because the wind was indomitable.

With all the adrenaline, the presence of the candidates for Miss Nicaragua were passing to secondary level. Some of them took naps in the sand, others decided to take walks but always accompanied by two men responsible for their security. Every time a photographer focused his camera near of the candidates, they couldn't resist to make poses and be the center of attention. If you wanted a photo of one of the girls you had to take pictures of all. The parachutists wait in the line for posing later with the elegant candidates.

The final act took place at the Montelimar airstrip, where the jet made 18 journeys, each one with twenty parachutists on board, who had to land on an orange sign located at the corners of the strip. Meanwhile, to prevent any accident, the national police, the Red Cross and the National Direction of Fireman were present in the event. Suddenly, one of the skydivers land in the middle of the trees causing a knee injury, just in the right moment when the Lieutenant Colonel of the National Force, Edgar Narvaez, was explaining that it was unlikely to have an accident in this sport.

The afternoon was coming to it's end. The journey that promised to be entertained, met all the expectations. The men and women skydivers felt spellbound with Nicaragua's beauty only at the second day of this adventure. According to Julio Videa, this experience is the first step to develop this activity as an institutionalised sport in the country. The travelers involved with adrenaline keep coming to our lake and volcano land that is just only awaiting for new events such as this one.

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Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili