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Calle 13 concert "Entren los que quieran" in Managua

Faustino Salcedo | Mar 13, 2012

Press Conference, Calle 13 launching concert. | Photographer: Olga Ortiz Kurashvili

The Puerto Rican band Calle 13 comes to Nicaragua promoting their last album in a Central American tour.

On Monday March 12 took place the press conference presentation of Calle 13 concert in Nicaragua. with their tour "Entren los que quieran". The Puerto Rican group, winner of 9 Latin Grammy Awards in 2011, leaded by René "Residente" Pérez and Eduardo "Visitante" Cabra, arrive to the country on Wednesday March 14. They will give a concert on Thursday 15 in the San Gabriel field, located at the Galerias Santo Domingo outskirts, in front of Jean Paul Gennie roundabout in Managua.

Calle 13 comes to the country for the fourth time in five years. Now is presenting their last album, which was awarded as Album of the year in the latest international Latin Grammy Awards. The Caribbean group arrives with a staff integrated by 22 people, including musicians and technical experts. According to Neus Gómez, part of the organizers group, René Pérez will be giving a public greeting at the International Airport Augusto C. Sandino, in Managua on Wednesday 14, however, is still unknown if the lead singer is going to give a press conference.

The tickets are available at Café Espresso Americano in Metrocentro, UCA and Galerias Santo Domingo. The prices are US$20 general and US$40 VIP. The organizers of this event are TN8 Musical and Movistar, which have many promotions such as free tickets and discounts.

The day of the event there will be a ticket window. Everyone that wants to go can arrive to the place at 7:00 PM, yet the show is programmed for begin at 8:00 PM. Calle 13 send specific requirements for setting up the show. The national producer Revuelta Sonora is in charge of every technical aspect and is working along two remarked business in the scenario set up for international events. These ones are Wajira and the international enterprise Sound.

The local is going to be divided in two areas: one general entrance with a capacity for 7,000 people; and the VIP area with capacity for more than 2,000 assistants, which is going to be distributed in three platforms; two long laterals and one shorter in the center. The platforms are going to be located in such way they will form an "U", leaving the singers at the center of the field. Every structure will have easy access for handicaps.

The band in charge for opening the concert is Manifiesto Urbano. This is a national musical group with an urban gender conformed by 15 musicians (3 rappers, 3 melodic singers, 1 drummer and many instruments players). According to Lenin Ortiz, musical director of the band, they are going to play five or six original songs and then are going to give an instrumental show. Ortiz claimed that being the opening band for Calle 13 is a privilege because this is a way for promoting the Nicaraguan culture and they will try to make a good impression.

The organizers claimed that they made all the tickets raffles in social networks through different dynamics and make clear that at the day of the event the National Police and the Voluntary Firefighters will be present.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili