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Calle 13 and Unicef launch MTV Exit in Nicaragua

Faustino Salcedo | Mar 15, 2012

Calle 13 and the representants of Unicef and the National Police during the conference. | Photographer: Olga Ortiz Kurashvili

The people trafficking and exploitation boarded at the conference by one organization, artists and one international network.

The MTV Exit campaign was launched in Nicaragua by the Unicef representative in Nicaragua, Philip Barragne-Bigot, by the National Police deputy, Victoriano Ruiz and by the Puerto Rican band Calle 13. At the conference were present children and teenagers who participate in the Unicef programs in Nicaragua. Also, the documentary "Esclavos Invisibles" was shown.

MTV Exit is a campaign against people trafficking, in which is included many artists, in this occasion is presented through Calle 13. René (Residente) and Eduardo (Visitante) participate in the documentary "Esclavos Invisibles", as part of this campaign launched in Latin America and for the spanish-speakers in the United States. In Nicaragua, Unicef has widely broadcast the documentary in many national networks, which also formed part of this campaign.

Esclavos Invisibles lasts 25 minutes and reveals the vivid inferno by four young Mexicans, who were victims of sexual exploitation, drugs use and other situations foreign to their will. Calle 13, in the documentary, recommends not to shut your voice and their quotes are part of each story. The audiovisual piece was presented before the entrance of the musical group to the conference.

Calle 13, besides of participating in the documentary, they granted to Unicef the rights of the song "Prepárame la cena", which boards the topic in question: "Prepárame la cena que regreso pronto..."(Prepare me the dinner, i will come back soon), this is how the song chorus begin and is part of their latest album "Entren los que quieran". After a question made for Residente about the song, he answered: "the songs are social themes, they come out by themselves without telling you to make them".

During the conference, the Unicef representative in Nicaragua said: "Almost no country today is free from people trafficking and Nicaragua is no exception". Victoriano Riuz, chief of the Special Crimes Direction of the National Police, said that the official statistics in the country reflex 26 people trafficking cases reported and 16 cases gone to trial (2011). Ruiz assured that in a Central American level, Nicaragua is the country with less cases of people trafficking. However, they are still working on new projects.

Unicef informed to that for this year they are finalizing one of their relative projects, nevertheless, new projects are coming such as water sanitation and protection against HIV AIDS. The National Police commented that they are planning to go hand to hand with the new Unicef ideas. Calle 13, at the end of the conference, encouraged the young to make the most of every chapter of their lives. "I have 34 years old and i wish to have 12, but still I enjoy it", mentioned Residente. On the other hand, he said that education for every child can prevent bad things. At the end of the conference, the video Prepárame la cena was presented.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili