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Popular Theater Festival in Condega

Faustino Salcedo | Mar 22, 2012

Group Theater Capullo. Photo: MOVITEP courtesy

Three days of theater performances with more than 10 groups. Also, there will be workshops and giant painting expositions.

This weekend at Condega, municipality of Estelí, will begin the "XV Festival de Teatro Popular". The event starts on Friday 23 and ends Sunday 25 March. More than 10 groups of popular theatre will be preforming their plays. The groups are composed by a mixture of children, teenagers, young and adults, and the festival is being organized by the Movement of Popular Theater Without Borders (MOVITEP).

The event is aimed to promote the popular theater and to promote the different Nicaraguan groups of popular theater. Each festival has always been faced to a subject-matter. Last year, the festival was in Achuapa, municipality of León, under the subject-matter of domestic violence. The groups have to plan their works about the topic and make the presentations in order to educate the public, explained Luisa Talavera, one of the organizers and director of the Promoters' Association of the Culture of Nicaragua (APC).

Among the theater groups participants are: the group Chispa of Matagalpa, the Sacuanjoche group of Managua, the group Malinche Goyena of Leon, the group Los Pájaros Cantores (The songbirds), the Capullo Largatillo group, among others. According to Luisa Talavera, "in this festival are going to participate groups from all parts of the country". Talavera assured that this is a way to demonstrate the interest for theater in the rural areas of Nicaragua.

The festival inauguration will be tomorrow Friday, March 23, at 8:30 PM in the Condega Sport Center. At the same place will be all the presentations during the three days of the festival. Along with the plays, there will be a giant painting exhibition created by the children of the Visual Arts Group Madre Tierra and workshops about diverse topics including games and dynamics. Also, on Saturday and Sunday there will be given workshops related to theater.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili