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Summer Plan 2012 launching

Faustino Salcedo | Mar 27, 2012

Authoroty members of the Institutional Commision during the Summer Plan 2012 launching | Photographer: Faustino Salcedo

National and foreign artists presentations, more safety measures and institutional care.

Wherever you go to vacation, surely you analyze several elements of the places to visit, including: security, hygiene, access, among other things. If you plan to come to Nicaragua or if you live in the country and would like to visit any of the different tourist destinations, you have to know about a new plan which has been developed and includes from road safety to special border services. This is the Summer Plan 2012, and it was released today in Nagarote.

At the launch conference was discussed the plans of the inter-institutional commission, formed by the Nicaraguan Tourism Board (INTUR), the National Police, the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture (INC), the Firefighters General Directorate, the Nicaraguan Red Cross, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA) and the SINAPRED (system for disaster prevention).

The announcement was headed by Mario Salinas, INTUR President, who assured that,"is intended to provide security and peace of mind to the visitors from outside of the country and nationals". Salinas also mentioned that it will establish a control in the tourist centers administered by this institution.

The National Police will be mobilizing 15 thousand troops, of which 3 thousand are volunteers. According to the Commissioner Francisco Diaz, National Police sub-director, "we will be guarding the population, but also the families must begin to establish safety standards". Another organism that will also mobilize personnel is the Firefighters General Direction, that will be in 12 strategic touristic points, however, they will send more staff to Pochomil Beach, El Trapiche and Xiolá Lagoon.

For the foreigners the visas service will be given at the border crossings. It will be possible to grant travel visa to minors without any problem. Also residence visas will be renewed for the foreigners who live in the country.

During the conference it was informed about the national and international groups presentation through the week, such as: Evy Queen, Mach and Daddy, Comando Tiburón, Gustavo Leytón, INN and La Nueva Compañía. These artists are brought like part of the tourism national promotion, according to Mario Salinas. Below you can read the itinerary of the days in which the artists will be giving their presentations.

On the other hand, MARENA will be giving assistance on protected species and will establish an action plan to prevent the smuggling of these. This institution will be present in the protected areas and will make inspections to avoid contamination and violation of the rules established for the environment preservation.

Also it was said that the religious tourism and the environment preservation are going to be supported. As well, the Nagarote major, Juan Gabriel Hernández, affirmed that the beaches of this municipality are provided with a new highway and that the length of the journey from Managua to Port Sandino is one hour and 20 minutes across the Carretera Nueva a León (Leon New Highway). In addition, he spoke about the ecological walk that took place today in the morning at this city, in honor to the Nicaraguan singer-songwriter Salvador Cardenal (1960-2010).

The walk came out of the Boulevard that bears the name of the now-deceased artist, and ended at the central park where it was carrying out the elaboration of a typical dessert made of jocote called "Cusnaca", and many claimed that it was the largest in the world. Several national artists attented to this event susch as: La Cuneta Son Machín members, Antony Matthews of Dimensión Costeña and ecological activists.

Itinerary of Holy Week artistic activities

Holy Thursday: 5:00 PM Mach & Daddy, Granada touristic center.

Holy Friday: 2:00 PM Sir Wally e INN, La Nueva Compañía and the Roconola group, Granada touristic center.

Holy Saturday: 2:00 PM Pochomil beach, Comando Tiburón and Gustavo Leyton.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili