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"Tola Incomparable" new territorial brand of the municipality

Róger Solórzano Canales | Apr 13, 2012

Territorial Brand of the Municipality of Tola.

This rural community with a high touristic potential is releasing its "identity" and begins to position it in public.

The beaches, the countryside, history, people. The municipality of Tola in the Department of Rivas, is an area of rural dominance with a high value for tourism thanks to its diverse natural and cultural attractions, and the growing infrastructure of services. Despite this, the region is still unknown as a destination of interest. "Tola Incomparable" is the newly released territorial brand with which the municipality intends to position in the national public and overseas.

The presentation of the brand was made yesterday, through a press conference in Managua city. In the event was unveiled the visual and textual elements of the brand (as seen at the image, above), in which highlights the Sun, waves, surf and turtles. The conference was chaired by Jose Morales, Mayor of Tola; Raúl Muñoz, Coordinator of the Andalusian Agency for cooperation (which funded the creation of the brand); In addition to officials of the Nicaraguan Tourism Board (INTUR) Martín Rodríguez and Karla Hammond.

With 54 kilometers of coastline, the municipality has already started to be visited by foreign tourists, who have appreciated the wild surroundings and quality of the various beaches characterised by its fine sand. Access roads are in good conditions for the entry of private and public transportation. In addition, in many of these beaches are hotels, hostels, restaurants and rural or marine tours offers.

The exhibitor table of the Conference coincided to argue that now, with this new brand identity, comes the process of "appropriation" which should be made by both, the local population - the toleños – and the investors and entrepreneurs that offer tourist services in Tola. Alongside this, will come the efforts of positioning in the national and foreign market through communication, as the official web site resources:

Raúl Muñoz explained that since 4 years ago the Andalusian Agency of cooperation has been working with the municipality, and the launch of the brand is one of the major success in all this process. They have also worked other components such as training of institutional staff and tourist servers; the construction of bridges, schools, health centers, infrastructure of drinking water, equipment and more. The global project, said the official, has a bag of 1 and half million dollars provided by them.

The brand has already started to be used toward the Nicaraguan public through an advertising campaign that will last six weeks and began last week. Cesar Berrios, account director at the advertising agency Hilo Publicidad and designer of the campaign, said that they are using TV spots, radio vignettes, Gigantography and banners at the back of the buses to reach the intended audience.

In Nicaragua, the name of the municipality is recognized by a famous story - for some people is real, for others it remains a myth - "the bride from Tola": in the small village of Tola, a big hell began with the scandal about Hilaria, the girl that was stood up on the altar the day that she was going to get married and had all the preparations done; this happened because Salvador, her fiancé, stayed drunk in the arms of his lover. The story occurred, according to people, in the second half of the 19th century; However, even today in the country is used for any reason the saying "you stayed as the bride from Tola", when someone is ready and gets stood up.

Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili