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Inauguration of the Third International Tourism Fair in Nicaragua

Faustino Salcedo | Apr 13, 2012

Environment during the business appointments in the first day of the "FENITUR" | Photographer: Faustino Salcedo

Nicaraguan tourism entrepreneurs expose their offer to international buyers.

Today was the inauguration of the third international tourism fair in Nicaragua (“Feria Internacional de Turismo de Nicaragua” FENITUR). It took place at the Crowne Plaza Convention Center in Managua. It was attended by 40 international buyers of tourist services and 140 sellers (service providers) from all the country who met in business appointments during the whole day.

The event was presented by Silvia Levy, president of the Nicaraguan Tourism Chamber (“Cámara Nicaragüense de Turismo” CANATUR). Levy opened the event saying: “Once it was a dream to believe that Nicaragua could draw the looks of the word, and now we are living it”. Then she thanked the support of the Nicaraguan Tourism Board (“Instituto Nicaragüense de Turismo” INTUR) and all the collaborators Nationals and Foreign.

After the ribbon cut, the architect Mario Salinas, president of INTUR, directed a small tour in all the places where the national entrepreneurs were located.

Ellen Winter, manager of the Hotel Granada and one of the present exhibitors, expressed that she has participated in all the previous fairs and that each year this increase earnings and popularity to her hotel. To this fair also assisted entrepreneurs that participate in an event such as this one for the first time: such is the case of Nuvia Dixon, who assured that expects to establish beneficial commercial relationships for her business.

Estela Edwards entrepreneur of Costa Rica who resides in the United States, expressed that it´s the second time that she´s in Nicaragua and that she´ll like to establish relationships with entrepreneurs of several zones, because the country has a lot of potential and it will be selfish to mention only one specific attractive.

The doors to the general public will be open tomorrow after 8:00 am. There, you will be able to see a little bit about the offer of tourism services from the different national companies. The foreign entrepreneurs will perform a post tour for all the country and will leave on Monday, April the 16th at 6:00 pm.

Translated by AĆ­da Pichardo