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"Tourism Caravan" from the North in Leon

Faustino Salcedo | May 8, 2012

Public and exhibitors during the "Touristic Caravan" in León. | Photographer: José David Barrera

Tourism entrepreneurs of the north of Nicaragua presented its services, along with cultural events.

The hot and cold are commonly separated, mountain and sea, in most cases are not usually together. The North and West of Nicaragua are two different points, but this weekend they converged on the city of Leon. There arrived the “Tourism Caravan" from the north area of the country. The rhythms of the northern cumbia resounded through the Central Park of León, where tourism entrepreneurs of Esteli, Matagalpa, Jinotega and Madriz, came to present their services on May, Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th.

During the afternoon the entrepreneurs exhibited their services as people began to arrive. Some visitors were around the place looking for the best tourist offers, others just waited for the cultural event that would happen later. One of the main attractions were the black ceramic crafts from the north area of Nicaragua.

There were Somoto crafts, these were elaborated from stones, among them you could observe puppets, cutouts, and other creative ways. For each department there was at least one craftsman, so you could see that each one imposes its style, whether it be the materials they use, or the hand-crafted items they produce.

Among the exhibitors you could observe from tour operators and hotels to museums and nature reserves. Each one exposing about their products, facilities or services. The crowd kept coming, the music was louder and louder, the rhythm was taking hold of the bodies.

Before art show started there was an opening. The organizers mentioned that this is the second "Tourism Caravan", the first was in Estelí and the entrepreneurs from Caribbean of Nicaragua showed. The following Caravan will be in Juigalpa (Chontales), there they will receive the West (Leon and Chinandega).

At the end of the speech and greeting to the public, it came a full exchange of culture. At 6: 00 pm the bells of the Cathedral sounded, then everything remained silent in a span of five seconds, but later the group "Nómadas” (Nomads) from Jinotega came out. They sang and danced northern cumbias with the public, as the sun gave way to the moon that was shining better than ever, it was closer to Earth, according to reports from NASA.

The trip in León ended by the time that the nightlife divides itself from the normal day, but remember that on May the 12th and 13th, since 2:00 pm, there will be the "Tourism Caravan" in the Central Park of Juigalpa, municipality of Chontales.

Translated by Aída Pichardo