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Symphonic Rock Concert at the National Theatre

Faustino Salcedo | May 9, 2012

Alejandro Mejía during the press conferencia. | Photographer: Róger Solórzano Canales

25 years of the musical career of Alexander Mejia are been celebrated, with a mix of classic and hard rock instruments.

The first concert of symphonic rock in Nicaragua is armed. This is the first time in the country that hard rock fuses with a symphonic orchestra and will be at the Ruben Dario National Theater for the 25th anniversary of the singer-songwriter's career and Nicaraguan rocker Alejandro Mejía. Such events are common in European countries, where the gender began in the 60's. For the first time it will be in Nicaragua on Friday May the 11th in the Main Hall of the National Theatre.

Alejandro Mejia is a recognized Nicaraguan musician, known for its hard rock. Son of the singer Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy, began his musical career in the late 80's with the band "CPU" -Contra Políticos Corruptos- (Against Corrupt Politicians), which interpreted social protest songs, been one of the most famous "Nica en Costa Rica " (Nica in Costa Rica).

He then formed the band "Grupo Armado” (Armed Group), with which he performed songs with a bit of content against politicians. He currently performs with the band “Carga Cerrada” (Closed Load), which mixed hard rock with percussion and always maintaining a socio - political theme in their songs. On Friday during the concert 24 songs of the different stages of the rocker will be played: 8 songs from each band he has been.

The Symphonic Rock concert consist in mixing the rhythms of Alejandro Mejia´s heavy Rock and the band “Carga Cerrada” (Closed Load) with the traditional instruments of the “Camerata Bach” (Bach Camerata), making a tour of the 25 years of the musician´s heavy rock. According to Alejandro Mejía, the idea was born 5 years ago by his wife, and then he shared it with other musicians who supported him. The person responsible for making the arrangements was Osman Delgado, a violinist of the “Camerata Bach” and “Carga Cerrada” (Load Closed).

Delgado says that this experience is unique in Nicaragua, and that no other Nicaraguan musician has managed to make such fusions. It was intended that “Carga Cerrada” kept their arrangements, so the “Camerata Bach” had to go through a process of preparation to make shorter musical notes, and achieve a tone that combines with heavy rock.

Neus Gómez, a member of the organizing team, said that the concert will have a classical structure and will last three hours, starting at 7:00 pm. The event will be opened by Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy and Danilo Norori, Nicaraguan musician who has accompanied the honored throughout his career.

According to Ramón Rodríguez, director of the National Theatre and the “Camerata Bach”, "this is an opportunity to make a cultural mix between Nicaraguan artists, in a scene of great value to the country, as is the Rubén Darío National Theater."

It will be able to assist in jeans to the concert, and as recommended by the organizers is preferable to use a black shirt that represents the "rocker race". They just won´t allow the entrance of people who attend in shorts. Tickets are been sold already in the ticket office of the theater, prices are C$200 “platea” (orchestra) and first balcony, second balcony C$150 and third balcony C$100.