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"Cuadriforme" exhibition of nude art

Faustino Salcedo | May 11, 2012

Parrticipant photografy: model Yanira Ruiz. | Photographer: Oscar Navarrete Aguilar

Four photographers will exhibit female nudity images under the themes of transgression, intimate, nature and eroticism in Managua.

In Nicaragua there are rare exhibitions of national artistic nude models, even less if there are housewives, professionals and mothers among them. But from Tuesday May 15th to the 31th of this month there will be the "Cuadriforme" (fourfold) exhibition of nude art with models like these, made by four Nicaraguans photographers at the Alianza Francesa of Managua. It should be noted that admission is free and is restricted to people under 18 years old.

The exhibition will open on Tuesday May 15 at 7:00 pm and there will be a welcome toast at the end. The showroom will be the Bernard-Marie Koltés Theatre of the Alianza Francesa (located at Los Robles). There will be 60 photographs exhibited in total, 15 for each author. The images will be distributed in the 2 floors of the place, 30 in each, with sizes of 59 inches high and 80 inches wide. Then the exhibition will remain open to the public until May 31.

"Cuadriforme" addresses the nakedness of women's bodies from the artistic point of view of each photographer. The topics include the transgression, the intimate, nature and eroticism. The exhibiting artists are Oscar Navarrete, Alfredo Zuniga, Giovannina Sequeira and Oscar Duarte. According to Navarrete, the images establish a communication dialogue between the light and the bodies.

The same author guaranties that Nicaraguan society is ready for such expositions, but there are still stereotypes unsurpassed by some people, so this event is for open-minded public. Moreover, Indira González, one of the models in the exhibition, says that this is a step forward to open the mind of society and succeed in introducing erotic art in the country.

The young model said it was the first time that she posed for pictures like this, reason why she felt a little nervous at first. But then, art and the confidence in the professional photographer led her to feel more secure. She also noted as essential that the public can see the sensuality and arrive without any stereotype or prejudice.

The participating artists claim that from this event, Cuadriforme will be a series of group exhibitions setting out each year and to be shared through the art, expression and feeling of each artist.

Here a representation video of the exposition:

Translated by Aída Pichardo