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New Nicaragua map available | Oct 9, 2006

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A new tourism map of Nicaragua is now available. This map, containing information about routes, natural reserves, gas stations, historical sites, museums and much more, comes from Germany.

The map has a scale of 1:500,000 and a size of 90x68 cm and is printed on both sides. In addition to a general map of Nicaragua there are also smaller maps of Ometepe Island, the San Juan River, and both Corn Islands. The text is in English and in Spanish.

The sales price, according to the publisher, is $7 in Granada and León, and $8 at Ometepe and in the San Juan River area. The map can be obtained at several places throughout the country, but at this moment the only confirmed site is Hotel Austria in León. Another way of getting the map is through the internet, purchasing it directly from the creator.