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First Hotel Social Responsibility Fair

Róger Solórzano Canales | Jun 6, 2012

HOPEN invitation.

Association of small hotels in Managua will expose about good practices, with cultural

This will be the first fair of its kind in the country: 28 small hotels from the city of Managua will expose to the open public their experiences in implementing best practices related to environmental, social and economic, in addition, they will inform of their tourism offer and will offer suggestions, in the midst of cultural events and entertainment. The date is Sunday June 10th, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Metrocentro mall.

The public will be able to obtain material regarding recommendations of the proper use of electricity, water and waste management. They will also get information on destinations and services offered by participating hotels in the fair. All this, accompanied by cultural activities such as dances and artistic numbers by universities groups. This sums up the invitation made this morning at a press conference by the organizers of the fair.

The “Asociación de Pequeños Hoteles de Nicaragua -HOPEN-” (Association of Small Hotels in Nicaragua), which covers 76 hotels in the country is the main actor in this event. Sandra Mejía Baltodano, president of this business group, said that the fair is the way they have found to show the progress that the members of Managua have been developing after workshops on the subject, in which they participated. They want to share with the public what they are doing, and convey recommendations for better interaction with nature and to learn to better manage basic services.

Both the exhibition and the workshops have been supported by the “Ministerio de Fomento, Industria y Comercio -MIFIC-” (Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade), through the “Programa de Apoyo a la Mejora del Clima de Negocios e Inversión en Nicaragua” Support Programme for the Improvement of Business Environment and Investment in Nicaragua (PRAMECLIN), with funding from the European Union. "We want the small hotels to develop in a friendly way with the society," said Gustavo Perezcassar, program coordinator. He added that in addition to social and environmental matters, other issues of interest with the guild have been non-sexual exploitation and good labor practices.

"We are looking to do business responsibly and in accordance with the laws" said Sandra Mejía, speaking for the association she leads. Each of the 28 exhibitors hotels from the capital will be explaining to the public their own practices and progress during the fair, which will also be an advertising strategy for those companies involved, said the official. She said that they hope to expand the program to other areas of the country where they are present, and close them with similar public exhibitions.

Translated by Aída Pichardo