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Launch of the Fair: Nicaragua Designs 2012

Faustino Salcedo | Jul 9, 2012

Organizers of the event during the Conference. | Photographer: Olga Ortiz Kurashvili

The convocatory to participate in the event was made, where there will be a fashion show and exhibition of Nicaraguan artists.

Today the opening conference address to the calls for the first fair dedicated to the design of Nicaragua "Nicaragua Designs 2012" took place. The event will be on October 20th and 21st this year and will be promoting the artists of the different branches of design. It is being organized by the “Instituto Nicaragüense de Turismo -INTUR-” (Nicaraguan Tourism Chamber), and the designs company Shantall Lacayo SA, of the internationally renowned fashion designer.

Nicargua Designs 2012 will be held at the Crowne Plaza Convention Center. There, the artists will be able to exhibit their creative design proposals. According to Julio Videa, marketing director of INTUR, the idea was born after the fashion fair Nicaragua Mia, held in Argentina by Shantall Lacayo.

Among the categories that will be participating are fashion design, furniture design, accessories, architecture (including gardening) and jewelry, plus plastic arts and crafts. Shantall Lacayo, part of the organizing team, said that it seeks innovation, and encourages artists to develop creations that could set new trends.

To participate in the show the artists must complete a registration application with the requirements called for in every category. The convocatory will be open from today until August 9th, and the application must be submitted in the Department of Promotion and Marketing of INTUR in Managua, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Then these will be reviewed by a curator jury yet to be defined, which will elect 25 exhibitors not including the fashion designers, but this figure may increase depending on the quality of the participants.

The venue will be divided in two: the 25 exhibitors stands will be located on one side and across it the runway, where there will be a fashion show with clothes made by designers participating. The organizers emphasized that products must have high integrity in their business and brand image. The event is open to the public. The event website will be available in the coming days, organizers said. For inquiries, you can write to

Diagram of distribution of space during the event

Translated by Aída Pichardo