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Ecological concert "Salvemos Apoyo"

Faustino Salcedo | Aug 2, 2012

Official poster. Courtesy of AMICTLAN | Photographer:

There will be dances, concerts and poetry, to promote the protection of the Apoyo Lagoon.

In recent times, the preservation and protection of the environment is an issue that involves the whole society, it is about reaching the public through media such as music. Such is the case of the ecological concert to preserve the Apoyo Lagoon. The event will be on Sunday August 5th, and local artists will be participating, along with the “Cuneta Son Machin”, in the visitor center of the lagoon.

The ecological concert "Lets save Apoyo" is an initiative of the “Asociación de Municipios Integrados por la Cuenca y Territorios de la laguna de Apoyo de Nicaragua –AMITCLAN-” (Association of Municipalities for watershed and Territories of the Apoyo Lagoon in Nicaragua) (AMITCLAN). It is the fifth time that this event is made, the first time was in 2006, then it was done for 4 years consecutively, time at which the deceased Nicaraguan musician Salvador Cardenal, promoted and sponsored the ecological concert. Then it was suspended last year due to lack funds.

According to Álvaro Gutiérrez, a member of AMITCLAN, "This event was created to instill environmental protection and promoting the care of green areas of the Apoyo Lagoon". AMITCLAN performs reforestation projects in the Lagoon, as well as cleanups and protection programs in the area.

The concert will be held on August 5th at the visitor center of the Apoyo Lagoon, from 6:30 pm. The “Rondalla Marimbas of Catarina”, the folklore group "Always Sacuanjoche", a child poet who declaim a poem to the Lagoon written by him, and the “Cuneta Son Machín”, who will be closing the event, will be attending. The entry has a value of C$30, all funds raised will go to help with the implementation of programs and projects of ATMICLAN.

Gutierrez said that during the event they will be delivering informational posters, and they’ll provide information on projects of ATMICLAN. He also emphasized that the artists have supported the event, promoting and collaborating with this initiative. Everyone can help with the event, for information on how to help, you can write to the email:

Translated by Aída Pichardo